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  • Original price ($) = Price you paid, currency is irrelevant
  • Age (Round up to months) = Default to 1
  • Age depreciating price ($) = By default recommended based on original price, you can change this value
  • Jumps (#)
  • Jump depreciating price ($) = By default recommended based on original price, you can change this value
  • Estimated value ($) = It's just an estimate

Ultimately, selling and buying used skydiving gear is more of an art than a science. Experienced skydivers often rely on:

  • Personal knowledge and experience: Understanding various factors influencing value.
  • Online forums and communities: Discussing gear value and sharing expertise.
  • Reputable gear shops and resellers: Seeking professional appraisals and assistance.

Safety always first: Remember, skydiving equipment directly impacts your safety. Never prioritize price over thorough inspection and verification by qualified professionals before buying or using used gear.

Remember: Skydiving is a sport with inherent risks. Prioritize safety and responsible decisions over relying on an oversimplified "calculator" approach when dealing with used gear.


    Exercise your judgement before buying used gear. Here are some other factors to consider for main canopy:

    • Brand and model: Different brands and models within each category hold varying reputations and value based on performance, materials, and age.
    • Condition: Age, wear and tear, maintenance history, and any repairs significantly impact value.
    • Market demand: Some brands and models are more sought-after, influencing their used value.
    • Location: Regional differences in prices and available gear exist.
    • For canopy, reline to consider, due every 500 to 600 jumps
    • Water landings

    Reserve canopy

    • + main canopy factors above
    • Number of repacks: Factory inspection / testing every 40 repacks
    • Number of deployments: Factory testing every 25 deployments
    • Strength testingreserve fabric is strength tested by riggers once a year to 30-pounds in 3 places on top skin

    Automatic Activation Device (AADs)

    • Lifespan
    • Maintanence
    • Battery life
    • Type of unit
    • Number of cutters / pins
    • Exterior (Display, cable etc)
    • Service bulletins